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FAO 83rd Annual Session - March 2-4, 2023

Every pirate knows you can’t cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Often what stands between us and success — in our practices and our lives — involves a bit of exploration and widening our horizons. We invite you to join us for the 83rd Annual Session of the Florida Association of Orthodontists.

Meeting Details

Your registration fee includes up to 10 hours of continuing education, access to the exhibit hall, plus meals and networking events listed in the agenda.
Active Members - $300.00 everything included
Spouse/Guest Fee - $150.00
1st & 2nd Year Members - $0.00
Residents - $0.00
Faculty & Retired Members - $0.00

Hotel:  The FAO discounted room rate at the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel is $232.  e hotel is adjacent to International Plaza and is just minutes from downtown Tampa Bay, Raymond James Stadium, historic Ybor City, and the airport. Located at 4200 Jim Walter Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607. Hotel phone: (813) 877-9200.

Pre-Registration & Late Fee: You can register online and access the link to book your hotel at www.faortho.org. It is the policy of the Florida Association of Orthodontists to charge an additional $50.00 fee a er the pre-registration date, one week prior to the meeting, February 23, 2023.

Badges: All pre-registered attendee badges will be available at meeting registration, please visit the FAO registration desk to pick up your badge.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: All requests for refunds or cancellations must be made in writing to the FAO prior to the preregistration deadline. No refunds will be given if cancellation is received a er
the preregistration deadline.

The FAO Annual Session is held in Tampa in the month of March. This two-day meeting offers over nine hours of continuing education and is a great opportunity for orthodontists to learn/review new techniques, visit local vendors, build relationships and network with colleagues.


Exhibitor Space Available

Please visit our Exhibitor Space to find the contract needed for the 2023 Annual Session.


Thursday, March 2
On-Site Registration Opens
5:30 pm in the Pre-Function Meeting Space

Ahoy There! Mixer with Colleagues
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Come together and say Hello at this opening cocktail event to socialize with your fellow orthodontists, residents, and our sponsors and exhibitors.

Friday, March 3
Unlock Your Morning with Breakfast
7:00 am – 8:00 am
Get your day started at an eye-opening breakfast, with table seating based on a “you pick” topic for discussion with your colleagues. Table Topics to choose from:

• Team Building and HR
• Digital Office
• Aligners
• Practice Startup
• Practice Transitions
• Practice Management
• Marketing

Exhibit Hall
Stop by and see our exhibitors Friday 7:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Is Everyone Smiling But You?
Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Rice
8:00 am – 8:45 am
Orthodontics is an incredible specialty, but if you’re anything like most, your path to this moment hasn’t always been easy. Dental school loans...those are fun;
Di cult patients and parent personalities...that never happens; Turmoil and team turnover...not in your practice...

Is everyone smiling but you?

Maybe...for the moment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the game long-term, it’s time to design your vision... culture... habits and time to make a major shift from how to build the practice and life of your dreams to who you need to make it happen.

Treatment of Complex Orthodontic Cases Using Esthetic and Efficient Solutions
Dr. Shane Langley
Sponsored by 3M
9:00 am – 12:00 pm (3 CEU)
Dr. Langley will how he differentiated his practice to a patient centric practice focus while providing outstanding treatment outcomes.  is involves maintaining the orthodontic specialty through excellence in treatment and providing value added services that help raise the bar for their patients. With the shift in esthetic demands from our patients, orthodontists no longer need to sacrifice clinical success for esthetic treatment. Vertical control and intra-arch protraction and retraction cases using temporary anchorage devices will be presented along with topics around Class II corrections, cuspid substitution and aligner therapy.
Learning Objectives
• Understand why a patient centric practice is important and how you can differentiate yourself in a competitive market.
• Analyze case examples that demonstrate esthetic choice- based care options including aligner therapy and twin mechanics in complex cases.
• Review several clinical cases - share clinical pearls that can lead to efficiency and desired clinical outcomes.

FAO Business Meeting
Noon – 12:30 pm

Lunch and Leadership Development Seminar
12:30 pm – 1:30pm

Developing your Leadership Trifecta:
Your Community, Your Practice, Your Profession
Drs. Angie McNeight and David Rice
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (includes lunch)
The FAO will host its fourth leadership development seminar that will focus on work-life balance, community involvement opportunities, AAO/SAO/FAO governance overview and education on other leadership programs that will enhance your development. Recommended reading and lunch will be provided.
Attendance limited to 12.

Practice Branding & Differentiation Providing on Outstanding Patient Experience
Darryl Pederson
1:45 pm – 3:00 pm (1.5 CEU)
Today’s orthodontic practice faces many new and unique challenges: the competitive landscape has changed and continues to evolve, patient expectations have changed, and practice dynamics are changing daily as you are expected to do more with less.
This interactive, engaging, and entertaining presentation will focus on addressing these challenges by leveraging practice branding, differentiation, marketing, and social media to create a unique and outstanding patient experience that will ultimately improve practice profitability with long-term sustainable growth.
We will answer three critical questions that will significantly impact your practice: Where are you now, where are you going and how will you get there?  e answers to these questions will help you answer the most important question a patient asks: Why should I start treatment at your practice?
If you are looking to increase consults, improve case acceptance rates, increase case starts, and maximize profitability in a high-energy environment you will enjoy this presentation!

Orthodontic Practice Modalities
Chris Bentson and Shannon Patterson
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Corporate dentistry is a hot topic; full of emotion for orthodontists and industry leaders.  ere are those all for it, and others that are not.  The topic is discussed often in various doctor social media groups and online forums. Over time, we have witnessed that in many of those discussions, the descriptions and accounts of corporate dentistry are not fully accurate or lack many significant details.
This lecture will dispel corporate dentistry misconceptions and myths and identify the advantages and disadvantages.  ere will be a broad discussion of all things corporate including, but not limited to, corporate terms, practice lifecycle timing, multiples, re- capitalization expectations, JV ideas, associate equity, the process of entering and exiting these groups, doctor compensation, and tax implications.
Chris Bentson and Shannon Patterson will share their profes- sional expertise in both the private and corporate orthodontic space and highlight the available opportunities for orthodontists, regardless of where they may be in their practice journey.

Your Treasurer Awaits ...
Dinner at the Historic Columbia Restaurant
5:45 pm Transportation provided to Ybor City
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm Dinner, Entertainment & Honors
Awaken all of your senses, and your sense of pirate humor, at Florida’s oldest restaurant,  e Columbia in Ybor City. Over nearly 120 years, the original restaurant has expanded to an entire city block and is now the largest Spanish restaurant in the world. During this special night, we’ll honor Dr. Randy Rigsby, 2023 Distinguished Service Award Recipient.

Saturday, March 4
Breakfast and Expanded Duties Meeting
7:30 am – 8:30 am

Exhibit Hall
Stop by and see our exhibitors Saturday 7:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Simplifying Excellence in Treatment Mechanics
Dr. Antonio Secchi
Sponsored by GC Orthodontics
8:30 am – 12:00 pm (3.5 CEUs)
The cliché “...it is not only the bracket system you use, but HOW you use it...” has never been more relevant than now! We are continuously bombarded by new technologies that claim will change the way we practice. However, today more than ever, we hear of colleagues that changed their bracket system only to  nd out it provided no real advantage, but rather a disruption in the office.  is lecture will explain how the Complete Clinical Orthodontics System (CCO System) integrates proven orthodontic principles with one of today “state of the art” appliance system to treat different types of malocclusions simplifying treatment mechanics, even in more challenging cases. Over the last 10 years, with its simplicity and efficiency, the CCO has positively impacted thousands of orthodontists around the world. Participants will learn how small details make a big di erent in clinical outcome, how you can have control over the cases in all phases of treatment and what is the best wire sequence to take full advantage of the CCO System in different clinical situations.

Box Lunch
Noon in the Exhibit Hall

Florida Domestic Violence Review for Dentists
Dr. Nicholas Grimaudo
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (2 CEUs required course for re-licensure)
According to the CDC’s Injury Center Division of Violence Prevention, intimate partner violence is a major public health concern, with one woman in four and one man in seven age 18 and older in the U.S. having been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.  ere needs to be a focus on recognizing abuse and prevention, as many cases go unrecognized even when victims seek out medical care, due to healthcare provider barriers to assessing for abuse.


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Words from our Keynote Speaker

In this article originally printed in the ADA News, our Annual Session Keynote Speaker, Dr. David Rice, takes on a work trend popular on TikTok, and explains why it’s something you and everyone at your practice should be aware of — and wary of.

What is quiet quitting, and why should it concern your dental office?
David R. Rice, DDS

TikTok trends.  They’re mostly annoying, frequently foolish, and occasionally dangerous. But now and then, some seem to hit a nerve.
One making the rounds currently is quiet quitting — “quitting the idea of going above and beyond at work.”
While on the one hand it feels like nothing more than a rebranded rerun of behavior that’s punished customers (in our case, patients) and great team members more for decades, there’s a reason it’s res- onating. Burnout in our profession is real, and ditching so-called “hustle culture” is one way to deal with it. But in the long run, quiet quitting hurts everyone—again, especially our patients.
Rather than quietly quit on our patients, teammates, or ourselves, here are some healthier ways to manage our stress and burnout.

Practice Owners
The most harmful person on any team to quietly quit is you. As you lead—or check out—your team will follow. When you want a team that shows up on time, be the  rst person in every day. When you want a team that goes all-in on culture, be the best example of that culture in the best and worst of times.
When you feel overwhelmed and the need to unplug, I highly recommend getting vulnerable. You don’t need to be a superhero. You just need to openly communicate when you need more help.

Clinical Team
Three words to live by: we before me. When we live them, our patients get the treatment and experience they deserve. When we live them, you and the practice owner develop a culture that all great team members want.
And again, when you feel overwhelmed and need help, ask. When you’re feeling good and a fellow teammate is overwhelmed, offer to help.
When we consistently seek opportunities to make moments just a little better for each other, we grow in gratitude together.

Admin Team
You’re our first and last impression. You make or break our schedule. You make or break our bank account.
It’s easier to feel isolated as you’re o en geographically isolated from most of the team. When you feel it, come back and say hi! Seeing your smile makes the clinical team smile.
Clinical team and practice owners: you can help! When you have a minute, head up front and ask your admin team how their day is going. We all have a random minute or two.

The Mirror Test
Every action becomes someone’s reaction. Quiet quitting isn’t simply a silent protest—it’s an action that primes a reaction from teammates, ownership, and patients.
In the short term, that impact is emotional and whether you see it or not, it’s taking a toll. In the long term, that impact is tangible. It’s physical as someone carries your work load plus their own. It’s financial as the practice suffers and the owner makes choices none of us want to make. It ripples as patients choose to move on to a practice where they feel important.
TikTok can be fun. It can entertain us. It’s just not the best place to search for life lessons or professional advice.
My advice is to follow advice that allows you to look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud of the reflection you see. When you can, you’re on track. When you can’t, forgive yourself and make a change.


About Our Annual Speakers

Chris Bentson
has been working with orthodontists regarding the business aspects of their practice for the past 30 years. Chris is a partner of Bentson Copple & Associates, based in Greensboro, North Carolina.  e company serves the orthodontic community by performing practice valuations, providing doctor placement services, and negotiating transactions with both buyers and sellers. He spends much of his time working within the orthodontic industry; he currently serves as President of the AAOF (American Association of Orthodontists Foundation) and an advisory committee member for  The AAO Bulletin. In addition, he is a frequent guest lecturer at AAO meetings, regional orthodontic society meetings, orthodontic resident programs, study clubs, and orthodontic user meetings. Chris has authored dozens of articles published on the business of orthodontics in numerous orthodontic trade publications. Chris has personally visited over 1,000 orthodontic practices in the United States, Canada, and Australia during his career.

Dr. Nicholas Grimaudo graduated in 1976 from Adelphi University with a bachelor’s degree in biology and received his DMD in 1980 from the University of Florida (UF) College of Dentistry in Gainesville. Dr Grimaudo spent 15 years in private practice before returning to academia. He received a master’s degree in material sciences & engineering in 1992 and a master’s degree in oral microbiology in 1995, both from UF College of Medicine. Dr Grimaudo has taught at UF College of Dentistry since 1989 and has served UF as director of quality assurance for its dental clinics, director for advanced techniques with esthetic restorations, and director of infection control in dentistry. In 2007, Dr. Grimaudo completed a doctoral degree in educational administration and policy at UF College of Education. In addition to teaching and developing coursework on treatment planning and clinical dentistry, Dr. Grimaudo teaches continuing education courses for healthcare professionals on administrative, regulatory and practice related issues. He is owner of Compliance Training Associates and consults with medical and dental offices on OSHA and HIPAA issues. He has lectured nationally and internationally on risk management, domestic violence issues, record-keeping and compliance, ethics and jurisprudence, preventing medical/dental errors, treatment planning/diagnosis and other practice-related topics.

Dr. Shane Langley graduated from the University of Alabama in 2005 with a DMD and was elected to Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society. He earned his orthodontic certificate and master’s degree from the University of Alabama in 2009. Dr. Langley’s speaking interests include the use of TADs to aid in the successful treatment of complex malocclusions, the bio-mechanical techniques and principles that accompany treatment with TADs, non-compliance correction of various malocclusions, and aesthetic orthodontics. Dr. Langley has practiced orthodontics full time in Daphne, Alabama, since 2009 and has served various positions on the faculty of the orthodontic department at the University of Alabama. He is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association, as well as local dental and orthodontic associations.

Angela McNeight DMD MS is an owner orthodontist at Caudill & McNeight Orthodontics with three locations in her hometown of Brevard County, Florida. She received her bachelor’s degree from Emory with a double major in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology/Biology and a minor in Spanish. She graduated cum laude from the University of Florida College of Dentistry followed by a three year orthodontic residency program and Master’s degree at UFCD. She returned to her hometown partnering with Dr. Ryan Caudill create Caudill & McNeight Orthodontics. Dr. McNeight is passionate about leadership in action and improving the oral health of her community. She serves as the chair of the Florida Dental Association Leadership Development Committee, delegate to the Southern Association of Orthodontists, and immediate past president of the Brevard County Dental Society. She created a local annual Give Kids A Smile event that has provided over $80,000 of free dental care to over 350 children over the past 5 years of the program. When community water fluoridation was removed from the Mims, Florida water supply, she formed a task force of health professionals to advocate for the health of local residents. She has been named a Space Coast Business Under 40 Award winner, a  finalist for the LEAD Brevard 4 Under 40 Award, and recipient of the FDA New Dental Leader & Leadership Awards.

Shannon Patterson, a partner with Bentson Copple & Associates is a recruitment leader in the orthodontic industry, specializing in placement and retention of doctors by engaging in a proactive recruitment strategy. She helps place candidates where they will be a successful fit, not only for the practice, but also the community. She is also a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant and expert in the Kolbe suite of assessments for selection of the ideal candidate match, focusing on strength-based relationships for both doctors. She specializes in comprehensive talent management, candidate sourcing, candidate lead generation and strategic placement planning. Shannon has earned certifications in High Impact Recruiting (CPR) and Certified Medical Staff Recruiting (CMSR), and is a Certified Kolbe Consultant and member of the American Academy of Medical Management (AAMM). Shannon is a frequent lecturer at industry meetings and orthodontic residency programs, and contributes to numerous orthodontic journals.

Darryl Pedersen has over 25 years of experience in the Orthodontic specialty and has lectured at orthodontic study club meetings around the country, orthodontic residency programs and regional society meetings. In addition, he conducts in-office training at more than 20 private practices annually.

Dr. David Rice as seen on the Doctors, founder of the nation’s largest new dentist and student community, Dr. David R Rice travels the world speaking, writing, and connecting today’s top young dentists with tomorrow’s most successful dental practices. In addition to igniteDDS, David is Chief Editor of DentistryIQ and leads a team-centered, restorative and implant practice in East Amherst, NY. With 28 years of practice in the books, he’s trained at  The Pankey Institute,  The Dawson Academy, Spear and most prolifically at the school of hard-knocks.

Dr. Antonino Secchi maintains a private practice in Devon, PA. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and member of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists. Dr. Secchi received his DMD, Certificate in Orthodontics, and a Master of Science in Oral Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, same institution where he taught for over 10 years holding the position of Clinical Assistant Professor and Clinical Director of the Department of Orthodontics. Dr. Sec- chi has published in various dental and orthodontic peer review journals in the areas of treatment mechanics and the straight wire appliance. He wrote the chapter “Contemporary Mechanics Using  e Straight Wire Appliance” for the last three editions of the Graber/Vanarsdall/Vig orthodontic textbook. Dr. Secchi received the 2005 David C. Hamilton Orthodontic Research Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Orthodontists (PAO), the 2010 and 2013 Outstanding Teacher Award from the Department of Orthodontics of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Secchi is the founder of the “Complete Clinical Orthodontics System” (CCO System™) and had provided continuing education for orthodontists in the USA as well as throughout the world. Dr. Secchi loves to spend time with his wife and 5 children. He is a passionate photographer and mountain biker.

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