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Founded in 1940 by eight orthodontists headed by Drs. William “Billy” Buhner, Charles E. Harrison and Roy T. Bovard, the Florida Orthodontic Study Group has grown into the Florida Association of Orthodontists. The largest state association of the Southern Association of Orthodontists and one of the largest component associations within the American Association of Orthodontists, the FAO represents 697 members and 60 student members throughout the state of Florida.

In 1954, the Florida Orthodontic Study Group became the Florida Orthodontic Society. University trained orthodontists, like Drs. Richard Starr, Robert Litowitz, Douglas Walter and Robert Helms, were instrumental in bringing new techniques to Florida patients.

The Society was renamed the Florida Society of Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics in 1978 and came to its present Florida Association of Orthodontists in 1985 to better mirror the relationship of the FAO to the AAO and SAO.

From this small, dedicated group of orthodontists meeting in St. Petersburg to its present state, the FAO promotes increased public awareness of the need and benefits of orthodontic treatment and fosters the delivery of ethical, quality, professional orthodontic care.

The FAO and You

The FAO’s Executive Committee meets twice a year and via teleconference once a month in order to oversee association business, monitor operations, keep abreast of state and national legislation pertaining to orthodontics, and plan the annual state association meeting.

This committed group of professionals, elected by the general membership, also serves in various capacities within the SAO and AAO; working for the benefit of the public and the FAO membership.

The FAO can be reached at 813-903-8811. The Executive Director is Lissette Zuknick.

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